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  UVPrintRFID UV Print and RFID Prepress Solution
  UVPrintRFID is a fully automatic prepress solution for single label UV printing and RFID writing.

It will help the user to fulfill following functions,

  • High efficiency and time/labor saving: From the data file to the final print, fully automatic without any manual involved.
  • Printing and RFID writing safely: Automatically insert the separator label which has brief label description, total SKU quantity and current SKU number as well as the highlight mark for sorting use. The separator label is also used as the product label outside the pack.
  • Easily packaging: Automatically generate the packing list with the same sequence as the main body label.
  • Clearly job management: Every PO job file will be output to a folder with PO job naming.
    Who need it?
    Hangtag printing company, especially they use UV inkjet printer to print the hangtag while RFID writing.
    Workflow chart

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