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  TAGProof is a special imposition software dedicatedly developed to hangtag proofing. Different from normal imposition style for printing, the proofing style produced by TAGProof is easily
checked by the brand owner.

TAGProof has many imposition styles for choice, such as

- Proofing for care label

  • Single line, from left to right, will cross page  when single page is not enough.
  • Cross layout in the single page.
  • Multiple lines in the single page.

- Proofing for hangtag

  • Fixed content front side, back side is variable. The fixed front side is at the upper left corner, the right side is one color one line with every size.
  • Both of the front and back side are variable, left to right, or up to bottom layouts two sides.
  • One page one SKU
  • Sequence layout, layout all SKU from left to right.
  • Customize remarks freely on the proofing page, such as QTY, Date, Sum of QTY...etc


    Working with WebConnector
    TAGProof can also work with Haiyaa WebConnector and let the TAGProof as the background cloth label proofing artwork generation engine. It is always used in the connection with the user's frontend web-based order platform and provide online proofing service by using this way.
    Who need it?
    Hangtag printing company, When their customer has special imposition style requirement for hangtag proofing. It’s a very useful small utility.
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