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  TrueRandom is a utility to generate big volume random data without any repetition in a fast and easy way. It can also help to check if there is repetition data inside the customer’s data. The
purpose is to avoid repetition code label production accident during data preparation period.

--10 million 7-digit random data, generation time is less than 2 minutes.
--Generate new data based on old data, guarantee no repitition.

TrueRandom has 3 versions for choice, they are

1) TrueRandom

2) TrueRandom Plus (50 million version)

3) TrueRandom Plus (200 million version)

    If the random data record volume is less than 10 million, we suggest to choose item 1). If the volume is less than 50 million and 200 million, please choose item 2) and 3) .
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