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  Random Color Barcode Module
  Random Color Barcode Module is a one-stop solution for random colorful barcode generation. It includes dozens of color barcode types that is widely used for the product promotion. Its color value and the color position information can also be used as an useful product authentication method. Different from other developer, besides the most types and their extensions, we also support many professional features, such as transparent, overprint, blend, white edge, mirroring, CMYK/ Spotcolor...etc. Multi-layer variable QR is also included in this suite.
  1. Many types of creative barcodes and with many variants for one type, most of them are introduced firstly by Haiyaa.
  2. Most types support CMYK and spotcolor.
  3. Fast printing with high resolution and high recognition level.

Note: This module must work with VariPrint.


    Who need it?
    Label producers works together with the brand owner to do marketing campaign and brand protection.
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