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  AllinOne Exterior Artwork Prepress Solution
  AllinOne Exterior Artwork Prepress Solution is a 1SKU1Plate Fully Automation Prepress Workflow deliberately for exterior artwork.

It is combined with 2 parts:

1. Pre-Processing

  • Outlining: Outlining all of artwork PDFs which has text format.
  • Extract useful pages: Extract useful pages from a multiple page document which includes the artwork itself and its printing description pages.
  • Extract front and back side: Extract the front and back side part to form a job file from the same page (one page) at any size.
  • Edit color: Change the spotcolor to CMYK, or add a brand code as the suffix of the specified spotcolor name for better printing quality working with template setting in the DFE side of digital printer.
  • Remove color: Remove the unnecessary marks, like the annotations and some guide lines.
  • Crop the valid part: Crop or cut the valid part of artwork from a normal A4 or A3 size page according to die cut and bleeding setting.

2. Imposition & Output

  • Imposition: 1SKU1Plate, adding all of imposition remarks, such as job descriptions, color bar, cropmark, quantity, sheets, date, registration line…etc.

  • Plates output: All elements included plate, and at the same time output separately the plates for printing, die cut, crease, deboss, blue foil, gloss UV…etc.

  • Job ticket: Output the job ticket file package with printing copies and ticket template that is very useful for automatically digital printing that follows.



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