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  Microtext Module
  Microtext Module is working with VariPrint. Different from other so-called microtext, our microtext is pixel-based instead of setting truetype font size smaller and smaller. So Haiyaa microtext is the world smallest microtext printed by digital printer.
  1. Built in microfont at up to 5x6 or 5x7 pixel matrix related to printer’s resolution.
  2. The height of microtext reaches to 0.25mm using HP Indigo and 0.14mm using Fuji Film JetPress.
  3. Support random color matching to another random color text in the same label.
  4. Support one word one color.
  5. Can customize user’ own microfont and embed it into VariPrint.
  6. Support CMYK and spot color.
  7. One type of our microtext support overprint.


    Only support horizontal and vertical layout, can't rotate at any degree.

In order to get the best microtext effect, please use the Microtext Target File provided by Haiyaa to test print on your own printer in advance to get the best effect parameter. Then use this parameter to set the real job.

    Who need it?
    Label producers works together with the brand owner who want to do brand protection and security printing.
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