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  LabelImposer is an optimized gang imposition tool for different types of short-run fixed or variable labels in the web press. It is combined with Haiyaa TAGImposer R and Haiyaa TIConnector. The purpose is to save paper, save diecutting and to conveniently label connection and labelling. It provides several modes for different requirements.
  1. Same size fixed content labels imposition in the roll direction
  2. Same size variable labels imposition in the roll direction
  3. Same size fixed content labels imposition in the horizontal direction
  4. Different size variable labels imposition in the roll direction (centered)
  5. Different size variable labels imposition in the roll direction (not centered)
    Who need it?
    Label producers who have digital web press and want to move many types of short-run labels onto this printer to print in the gang imposition way.
    TIConnector working with TAGImposer R
    TIConnector multitask manager is for the gang imposition of the short-run labels which content can be fixed or variable.

It works with Haiyaa TAGImposer R gang imposition software. It connects the frontend data center by the input hot folder as the bridge and lets TAGImposer R to be the background gang imposition engine. Using TIConnector, the whole workflow of the gang imposition will become fully automation without the operator involved.

How to use TIConnector?

The first step is the operator uses TAGImposer R to set up a configuration file, and then uses TIConnector to establish a job which includes the information, such as input hot folder, output folder and above configuration file. When the job setting is done, start TIConnector and let it standby.

When the gang imposition order Excel file are dragged into the input hot folder, TAGImposer R will be triggered and start to work. After a while, the output imposed PDF will be generated in the output folder.

Who need it?

If you have a large number of short-run labels to print whatever the content is fixed or variable, TIConnector can help you to manage the job smoothly. More and more e-commence and web-to-print business model may also need this manager.

How we provide?
As the gang imposition workflow optimizer, TIConnector will be provided as a free upgrade to our TAGImposer R user.

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