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  Anti-Photocopy Module
  Anti-Photocopy Module is an optional module working with VariPrint. It is used to differentiate which one is origianal print and which one is photocopy. You can’t see the hidden watermark in
the original print. but use general photocopier to copy it, the hidden watermark will come out. It is better to work with microtext to get the best security effect.
  1. Support variable text and PDF image as the water mark.
  2. The position of the water mark can be fixed or variable.
  3. The user can customize its own  camouflage pattern.
  4. Only support C, M and K.
    Must use the digital printer's resolution to print to job PDF.

In order to get the best anti-photocopy effect, please use the Anti-Photocopy Target File provided by Haiyaa to test print on your own printer in advance to get the best effect parameter. Then use this parameter to set the real job.

    Who need it?
    Diploma and certificate printing company is the most adaptive user of this feature.
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