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  Lenticular Image Module
  Lenticular Image Module is working with VariPrint. The user rotate lenticular film to different angle (Note: we support up to 4 layers ), he can see different hidden watermark come out. The minimum font size can reach to 7 pt. The pattern color support CMYK and spotcolor. It has high productivity: 8 hours to generate 500K pcs of 4 variable layers pattern image with 20x50mm size using normal configuration PC.
  1. Support up to 4 variable layers.
  2. Support CMYK and spotcolor.
  3. Font size can be smaller to 7pt.
    In order to get the best lenticular image effect, please use the Lenticular Target File provided by Haiyaa to test print on your own printer in advance to get the best effect parameter. Then use this parameter to set the real job.
    Who need it?
    Label producers works together with the brand owner who want to do brand protection and security printing.
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