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  VariPrint is a world-leading variable data printing software developed by Haiyaa. It is the one-stop variable printing application and the core platform of all Haiyaa industry solutions.

It now has 2 versions for choice, they are,

-Professional version

Note: Regard to the spec of the software, please refer to version comparison chart
VariPrint Data Sheet

  • Assistant only does design without output, like the client of the above other versions.
  • The users who use digital web press, or produce cloth label, or produce ID card, must choose VariPrint Professional version.
  • All of optional modules are NOT included in VariPrint Professional version.
    Hardware and OS environment
    VariPrint runs on Windows XP/7/8/10; Server 2003/2007/2008; CPU: CPU2.4GB or above, Memory: 8G or above. 16GB - 32GB better. Hard Disk: SSD. Note: Big memory and SSD are very important for printing speed.
    AccountDB normal version within VariPrint Professional provides the modules as follows,
    1)Serial No. Generator: Used to generate serial number offline.
2)Continouse number in row direction: Process the data in advance and let the number is continuously in row direction when web printing.
3)Rotate multiple rows to multiple columns: Rotate data from rows to one column.
4)Record repetition: Expand the data according to QTY.
5)Replenish Data Extraction: Extract the reprint data from a key fieldname based data prepared by QC.
6)Row to column.
7)Merge multiple columns.
8)PDF Size Adjustment: Micro adjustment according to defined X-scale and Y-scale.
9)2D Color Barcode.
10) Merge data files: support parallel merge and connection merge.

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