2017-4-19 9:01:19

  1. VDP is not  just variable serial number and variable barcode, it can do more...

    Many people only treat variable black/white serial number and simple black/white 1D or 2D barcode as VDP. In fact VDP is a wide range concept, it can do more. VDP means variable data printing. Haiyaa slogan under its logo is “Variable No Limits” that represents our development direction and position. The position of Haiyaa VDP is a one-stop variable production solution instead of the entrance level VDP.  All of variable effects based on digital printing are our interests.

  2. The diversity and complexity of applications in China made VariPrint
    Haiyaa come from China and the variable job in China is very complex and diverse. In order to satisfy the tough and sometimes strange demands, Haiyaa make a lot of effort to develop new products and features in the past over 10 years.

  3. Why Haiyaa software is not developed as a plug-in of Acrobat and InDesign?
    Many people often ask us why Haiyaa don’t develop its products as a plug-in of the third party software, such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and CorelDraw.  Actually from year 2003 to 2006, we have developed plug-in products. We did it. But Along with user’s requirement being more and more complex, SDK (Software Development Kit) from the third party appears not enough and has limitation.  We found it 's difficult to develop many new features to satisfy the user’s increasing requirement based on the SDK. So we decided to give up plug-in solution and start to develop standalone products in 2007. As a software developer, we know the development of plug-in is a good start and easy that can borrow many features from the platform software, but different from other software, VDP is special, it need many logic processing and new variable effect which can't developed as a plug-in. The flexiblility of plug-in is limited.

  4. Why VariPrint have up to 10 types of imposition way?
    The imposition way in the digital printing is different from the way in the offset printing.  Most of general VDP software or label makers on the market have only 2-3 types of imposition styles, but Haiyaa has developed up to 10 types of imposition styles. We can easily and fast satisfy all of imposition requirements digital printing users will need. For example Free Style imposition style is a Haiyaa’s outstanding imposition feature that isn’t found in other VDP software. It is very useful in the label production for product tracking and tracing.

  5. Why VariPrint have dozens of variable text definition setting?
    As we introduced, variable text is not just simple black/white straight layout text. For example, if the variable text length exceeds the box width, how to avoid the text cut? Change font size smaller to fit the frame, or decrease the font gap, or scale the font width?  If the user want  to change the font property according some logic rule, e.g. text display red when it is male, text display blue when it is female, how to deal with? How to change the font weight at 0.01mm level instead normal Regular, Semi Bold, Bold…etc. Many applications need dynamic properties and flexible definition settings, Haiyaa has done it.

  6. Why VariPrint have dozens of barcode definition setting?
    Barcode is not simple, besides there are many types of barcode itself we should support, such as Code39, Code128, EAN 13, QR-code, DataMatrix, PDF417…etc.  There are many necessities we need to support, such as CMYK and spot color, overprint, mirroring, how to compensate dot again to improve the barcode recognition level? how to program the barcode color to let the barcode be a security tool? How to make the 2D black dot transparent to let the image underground come out? How to define the barcode size accurately to match the strict demand from the brand owner? How to make the 2D with 2-byte content, such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean? How to make the 2D fully compatible with all of APPs in the Apple OS and Android?  Once the users face the these challenges, we are sure they will like Haiyaa.

  7. Why VariPrint developed many modules which look no relation with VDP?
    At the beginning, Haiyaa only focused on the development of  VDP product itself. But soon we found it is not enough with the sales extension. The customers actually need a total automation workflow or a smoothly environment.  So we start to develop many frontend and back end components to form the solution. For example, we found many free charge random data generation software on the market cannot guarantee the data unique and true random. We develop TrueRandom random data generator.  We see many printing user use simple sorting to calculate the imposition of different hang tag into one plate or several plates, Haiyaa developed a fully automation optimized imposition utility to do this job that can save more plate and paper cost as well as time.  So you can see there are many components and utilities on our product list, they are not belong to VDP, but they work with our VDP.

  8. Can we use the dongle lock the VariPrint Professional and Assistant?  Can the user install software in more computers but just use software while needed with dongle inserted?

    The software version is only related wiith the dongle, if the user buy two version VariPrint, the dongle is different. The software itself on every computer is the same. That mean we can install on more machines and can use it only while dongle is inserted.

  9. VariPrint can design and print to PDF, what can we recommend if the user side has several operators?

    If the user side has many variable job to design instead of output, we recommend them to buy more VariPrint Assistant to aide. Assistant likes the client version that is used to design the project file, there is watermark in its print, so its output is just for proofing. Since Assistant is more cheaper than Professional. The user can buy several licenses for their operators. when the output volume grows up and one VariPrint Professional is not enough, Assitant can be upgraded to Professional. If the user side has many variable job to print, one VariPrint Professional is not enough, they have to buy more Professional.

  10. What the difference between Standard and Assistant?

    Assistant likes the client version of Professional and Standard, it is used to design the project file with watermark output. If the user already has Professional, we will deliver the Assistant with Professional specification. If the user already has Standard, we will deliver the Assistant with Standard specification.

  11. When the user buy Assistant, how to deal with the optional security modules with Professional they already have?

    We have two kinds of optional security modules or utilities. One is with Professional, that means they work with Professional. The other is standalone. If the user already buy the standalone security modules or utilities and find they are not enough, they need to buy more licence. It is not relationship with Assistant. If the user already buy the security modules with Professional, when they buy Assistant, we will deliver these modules inside Assistant free of charge, but its output still has watermark.