2014-11-18 15:25:31

As Haiyaa software is a very professional and brand product in the VDP world, we will usally get many requirement on how to select version. Since the Standard version is much cheaper than Professional version, everyone want to buy. Apart from giving them datasheet with feature comparison(http://www.haiyaatech.com/support/download/temp/doc/VariPrintDataSheet_EN.pdf), we will also give some suggestion.

First we should say we will be all happy whatever version you buy, according to long term experience, the customer who will buy Standard version are,

1) He definitely know what job he will do now and in the future. By testing before purchase, the job can be done by Standard version. So this kind of the customers will buy Standard version.

2) He just now buy the digital printers, only know VDP is a good thing, but haven't more knownledge about it, this kind of the cusotmers will buy Standard version as his entry-level investment.

3) He has limited budget and small simple VDP business to do, this kind of the cusotmers will buy Standard version as his entry-level investment. Once the VDP job become complex, he will easily upgarde to Professinal version by then.

Deducting special secuirty optional modules and cloth label optional modules, Professional version is the one-stop solution for the label producer, It can provide solutions for all of requirement the user will face now or in the future, especially to roll-feed machine users. If the customer has enough budget and he want to take VDP as its importment strategic business direct in the future, we suggest them to buy Pro version, since once the digital printing business grow, he will meet kinds of unpredicted VDP requirement from his customer, if using Pro version, he will never say NO and won't delay production and delivery time. For our side, we can give technical support in time by just teaching how to use software.