2014-6-16 18:27:12

About barcode, as it is popular, so anybody think it is easy to produce. The fact is not the case, the different kinds of requirement for barcode production emerge in an endless. With continuously development, Haiyaa now has many outstanding barcode technologies, Here we paste some special features for your reference.

1. 1D barcode have pixel-based width adjustment for black and white stripe, using ink dot gain compensation technology to increase recognition level to A and B, even printing by high speed inkjet printer at 300dpi

2. 2D barcode also have pixel-based ink dot gain compensation to increase recognition level, especially to mini size 2D barcode. e.g. When the data length is 17 alpha numberic, we can print it to 2.2x 2.2mm size at recognition level to A and B.

3. Support multiple color mode, such as pure black, RGB, CMYK and spot color.

4. Have 6 types of random color 2D barcode and 2 types of random color 1D barcode.

5. Support overprint, doing trapping in some high end label production.

6. Support mirroring in both of vertical and horizontal direction in the sandwich printing application.

7. Code128SameSize technology to guarantee the same barcode width in the circumstance of different hybrid alpha-numeric content or different length data. For example, 1234567890 and 123456789X, or 12345678 and 1234567890.

8. Output type of 2D barcode support both of bitmap and vector image, considering to ripping speed and final printing effect.

9. Provide risk message when error correction level set to 0, coordinating with hand held scanner and smart phone scanning.

10. Open non-integer zooming to match the designing to the sample accurately.

11. Regarding to UPC and EAN barcode type, you can set the font size of head/end character and middle characters separately and freely, or you can hide middle black stripe, or you can set the position of head character freely, or you can set any types of alignment for the middle characters.

12. Support any logic processing of barcode data, as well as any types of conditioning barcode printing.