2013-12-18 11:09:28

Apart from variable text content, there are also many another variables with the text, such as variable text inside the font, variable color line inside the text, variable picture inside the text卐tc. In order to let the customer抯 variable production to be outstanding, Haiyaa developed some special effect features. In this thread, we try to introduce them.

1)TextinFont: Variable (or fixed) text inside the variable (or fixed) text. Each variable text can link to different database抯 fieldname. The internal text supports CMYK, spotcolor and microfont. If using spotcolor, you can print more special effect. For example, you can print some defined characters using UV ink in the HP Indigo. Human eye can抰 see it under the normal light, but can catch it using UV light.

2)LineinText: Variable color line sequence inside the text, each label has different color line sequence information. It is not only interesting, but also it provides more verification information for consumers. Furthermore, when we define two colors, we can get half color font effect. The color and its number can be set freely. The color change can be random or fixed. The color layout can be vertical or horizontal.

3)PictureinText: Variable (or fixed) picture inside the variable (or fixed) text. The display can be used as a special background. The picture can be your company or product?logo or name.

Attached please find the sample with these effects.