2011-4-20 8:30:28

---What is HAIYAA.PPD

HAIYAA.PPD is actually a general postscript driver, it is Adobe Postscript compatible. Comparing with the postscript driver attached with many digital printers, it have more resolution choice and wide size paper support instead of A3+. HAIYAA write this PPD to support more flexible imposition printing. After the installation of VariPrint, the default PS printer of VariPrint is HAIYAA, you can see this setting under Options--System Properties Setup--PS Driver.

If you have already installed your own postscript driver, you can change PS driver setting. But we can't guarantee you can get correct result in some very wide and narrow impostion situation. So we suggest you to use HAIYAA ps driver.

--How to install HAIYAA.PPD
When installing VariPrint, HAIYAA.PPD will be installed automatically. After the installation, you can see a HAIYAA virtual printer in the "Printers and Faxes" folder under Control Panel.

If HAIYAA.PPD is not correctly installed, you can add it as a printer in the "Printers and Faxes" folder. HAIYAA.PPD can be download from our website-Software Download web page.

One point to be attention:
Select "Use the following port" to FILE (Print to File)