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Haiyaa VariPrint is a standalone product specialized to variable data printing market. It enables users to merge high volume personalized data such as text, image, vector, barcode or dynamic chart into customized template, then print at rated speed of the printer. It can support nearly all the high speed printers in the market like Xerox, HP Indigo, Xeikon, Nexpress, EPSON, Screen, Ricoh, Canon and Konica Minolta, as well as any kinds of desktop printers in the market.

With VariPrint, you can use your own design and database, such as Excel, Access files, or Oracle, SQL, DBF with ODBC help, to make personalized documents easily and efficiently. It is most suitable for producing commercial documents, personalized cards and marketing materials for the industries such as finance, insurance, automobile, telecom, school, real estate, restaurant, government, etc.

Haiyaa variable data printing products consists of the following software and optional modules

>> HAIYAA VariPrint Series Remark
1.Standard version
2.Professional version
1.The difference between Standard, Professional, and Statement version, please refer to  version comparison chart Specification Chart.

2.Assistant only does design without output, like the client of the above three version.

3.Accelerator is an independent component aiming at the label and packaging production with very big volume and very complex vector image background.

>> Optional Modules
Cloth Label
4.HAIYAA TAGImposer Imposition Software
5.HAIYAA AccountDB Data Integration Utility Cloth Label version
7.HAIYAA Anno Cloth Label Workflow
8.HAIYAA OneTouch Batch Printing Utility
9.HAIYAA Care Label Module
10.HAIYAA Variable Object Outline
11.HHAIYAA RFID Data Generator with RFID Data Comparator
1.Standalone software. Working with HAIYAA VariPrint, it will bring to the user a total cloth label digital production solution.
Security Label & Packaging
12.HAIYAA TrueRandom Random Data Generator
13.HAIYAA Latent Image Module
14.HAIYAA variable anti-copy module
15.HAIYAA Variable Microtext Module
16.HAIYAA Verification Pattern Package, incl.
  1) Variable Random Color Text Pattern
  2) Variable Random Color Caterpillar
  3) Variable Random Color Stroke
  4) Digital Fiber Pattern
  5) Digital Pill Pattern
  6) Digital Bacteria Pattern
  7) Random UV characters
  8) Kaleidoscope Engine
17.HAIYAA FontInFont PictureInFont LineInfont Module
18 Random Color 2D barcode and Random color 1D barcode Module
19.HAIYAA Variable Lenticular Image Module
1.Except TrueRandom and Haiyaa Pattern Generation Suite, other security modules should work with HAIYAA VariPrint
20.TAGImposer R (for web press)

>>Haiyaa VariPrint
Haiyaa VariPrint variable data printing software is the core application of Haiyaa variable solution. In respond to different requirement, VariPrint is provided in four versions. It runs on Windows XP/7/8/10; Server 2003/2007/2008; CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 or above, RAM: 2G or above.
>> Haiyaa TAGImposer imposition software
Haiyaa TAGImposer imposition software is the fully automated solution for label production industry, especially for hangtag production. It is used to improve the working efficiency as well as money saving. It is mainly used in the traditional cloth label off-set printing.

In order to cut the plate and paper cost in the hangtag printing industry, the user always put different SKU of labels into one or several imposition flats according to order quantity of each label. How to impose these different labels in an optimized way involves in a very complicated algorithm. The operator usually makes this by cut-and-try method. It will take much time and the final combination won't always the best. Haiyaa TAGImposer is developed to solve this problem. You can get final optimized imposed PDF in several minutes.

>> Haiyaa AccountDB data integration utility
AccountDB is a data integration tool developed to help with the complex database preprocessing. It is used to extract data from plain data source file to standard database format according to presetting criteria, or it is used to draw, merge or separate data. It consists of many data transformation modules and scripting tools. Most of data structure can be processed through built-in modules. If the data structure is special, it still need another customization.

Besides, this utility also provides data verification and filtering. It is handy for data preparation in processing bills and statement printing as well as hangtag data preprocessing.

AccountDB is provided in the form of Statment version and Cloth label version. In the Cloth label version, it has hangtag and wash label proof generation modules too.

>>Haiyaa Verification Pattern Package
Haiyaa full random verification code anti-counterfeiting optional module is a world leading technology which will give many manufacturers a new way to protect their product and service.

It working with QR-Code 2D barcode and mobile internet, the consumer can know if the goods is genuine or fake in time. Since the variable color pattern is random, even the same source data also produce different pattern when the software run twice. The unique, one of the most important features in the anti-counterfeiting would be guarantied.

It is sold as an optional module. In order to apply it, Haiyaa also provides the website establishing service of checking platform of verification code and checking system through mobile phone.

Sample: Verification Pattern Package

Sample: Fibre/Pill/Bacteria Pattern

>>Random Color 2D barcode and Random color 1D barcode Module
Random color barcode is becoming hotter from the beginning of year 2013 in China. In fact, we don’t appreciate this method, the reason is it will decrease the recognition level. But undeniable, random color barcode will attract more eye and is interesting as well as it provides more information, someone call it as 3D barcode. Regarding to the increasing customer' request, Haiyaa developed several kinds of random color barcode, including 1D and 2D. Below is the list of this optional package for your reference.

1) Internal quadrangle (random or fixed type), apply to PDF417, QR-code and DataMatrix
2) Quatring (random or fixed type), apply to PDF417, QR-code and DataMatrix
3) Type T (random or fixed type), apply to QR-code only
4) Position mark, apply to QR-code only
5) Full color, apply to PDF417, QR-code and DataMatrix
6) Single color. The color of 2D in each label is in single random color; apply to PDF417, QR-code and DataMatrix
7) Horizontal random color 1D
8) Verticle random color 1D, the position of the black strip can be defined freely, the color height percentage can be defined freely

The new patterns developed in the future will be added into this package..

Sample: Random Color 1D 2D Barcode

>>Haiyaa Variable Lenticular Image Module
With this technology, variable text, such as serial number will be hided in the gray underpainting and is only visible with special lenticular film.

We provide total solution to produce up to 4 layers variable lenticular image and provide both of line and halftone underpainting default setting. The user can link hidden text of each layer to the different database field. You can also customize your own underpainting pattern by adjusting density of dot gain and line gap.

This technology can be used to produce label, drawing and commercial document which need special anti-counterfeit protection.

>>Haiyaa variable anti-copy module
Haiyaa variable anti-copy is a new anti-counterfeiting module developed to prevent unauthorized duplication of original document. It is a world leading solution combining both of variable data printing and anti-copy technologies. It will bring a new creative tool to commercial transaction and label printing as well as office secret document printing.

Our anti-copy technology is drawn from basic photocopy theory, that is the photocopier will get different result when copying the halftone picture with different line and dot size. Differing from other anti-copy product, as a professional VDP software developer, we add variable data concept into it. .

Comparing with static content, such as COPY, VOID...etc., the variable hidden text have more secure usage. Besides variable technology input, we also develop a new method to response manually density setting when copying. Whatever light or dark setting, the hidden security text can be eventually displayed.

Due to printer head and paper issue, sometimes the dot gain will be deformed, so we also embed a micro adjustment option for background and foreground density separately in this module to guarantee human eye can't see hidden text on the original printout.

Our variable anti-copy is aimed to photocopier, it is not a anti-reproduction method. In order to increase partial anti-reproduction capability, we suggest the user to add another security features on the anti-copy pattern, e.g. microtext, to counteract so-called "Blur" or "Optimization" copy mode inside some brand of photocopiers.

Sample: Variable Anti-copy

>>Haiyaa Variable Microtext Module
Haiyaa variable microtext module use Haiyaa's own pixel-based microfont, it can produce super small font as well as no adjoining strokes will merged. 

--Generate the line with very small letter, i.e. microfont
--Built in microfont at up to 5x6 or 5x7 pixel matrix related to printer’s resolution
--The Height of microtext reaches to 0.25mm using HP Indigo
--Support random color matching to another random color text in the same label.
--The font size can smallest to 7pt.

Sample: Variable Microtext Module

>>Haiyaa TrueRandom random data generator
Haiyaa TrueRandom random data generator is aiming to generate mass random data in several minutes with extremely easily setting. What you should do is just select which characters combination you want to use, how many data you want, how long of each data. That's enough. the rest will done by this utility. You can see following features with this product.

- Real random and without any repeat. We have built in Create and Verify two modules to give you technical guarantee.
- Customize the data combination freely, the user can select number only, or combine with capital and small letter, or add forbidden characters, prefix, suffix...etc.
- High productivity, it only takes 2 minutes to generate 10 million record data with 7 characters length.
- Generate new data based on old data without repeat, as the brand owner always doesn't place all of its order at one time.

>>Haiyaa FontInFont PictureInFont LineInfont Module
Haiyaa FontInFont PictureInFont LineInfont Module is another Haiyaa security solution, It is consist of following three modules.

FontinFont--There are variable ( or fixed) text inside variable (or fixed) text. The text in side support CMYK and spotcolor.

PictureinFont--There are variable ( or fixed) image inside variable (or fixed) text.

LineinFont--There are variable ( or fixed) color sequence line inside variable (or fixed) text. When the color number is 2, we can produce half half color text easily.

Sample: FontinFont PictureinFont LineinFont Module

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