2011-11-24 9:09:22

Refering to HAIYAA's anti-counterfeiting solution, we have three major modules, these are,

1) Variable relif underpainting anti-counterfeiting, the variable hidden text can be viewed using corresponding optical grating plate, but human eye can see anything inside the gray pattern area. Our relif underpainting support to up to four layers pattern, each layer relates to different variable text content.

2) Variable anti-copy, the variable hidden text will be appeared after copy reproduction in the photocopier. In order to provent eye recognition, it's better to add a camouflaging pattern, the user can add a PDF pattern file to overlay our anti-copy area.

3) Random verification code anti-counterfeiting, The size, color, rotation angle and position of the text block in the verification code are all random. When printing to printer, the small code picture and checking database will be saved automatically and upload to website platform. The customer can input the serial number of the label over the internet, by mobile phone short message, or take photo of 2D barcode after/before he buy the goods, the corresponding code picture will be displayed for his check if the goods is genuine or fake.

2011-11-24 9:11:59

Besides above application, we add variable latent image and variable microfont, for more information, please contact support@haiyaatech.com

2014-1-3 9:10:50

HAIYAA Anti-counterfetig Sample Download URL:


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